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As soon as we walked the property, we knew where we wanted to plant our orchard.  A perfect sloped ledge, overlooking the entirety of Camps Road Farm, begged us to host an orchard of cider apples.

The best brandies and ciders are often made with bittersweet and/or bittersharp apples. Some apple growers affectionately call these “spitters,” since if you took a bite of one, you would instantly spit it out. The fermentation process, though, brings out some complex and delicious apple characteristics that create elegant, refined ciders and brandies.  In fact, many producers would argue that you couldn’t make a top quality brandy without these apples.

We carefully selected over fifteen varieties of apple trees make up our orchard.  Some are bittersweet/bittersharp, some are “crab” cider apples, and some are heirloom dessert apples.  We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and other organic techniques to naturally care for our orchard, and have never used any pesticides or herbicides on any of our trees.

Our orchard was planted in 2013 when an amazing grassroots effort of friends and fans came together to dig holes by hand and lovingly place and plant these trees.  It was hard work and we feel endlessly grateful as we watch our orchard mature.

A full list of the varieties we grow follows:

Arkansas Black
Ashmeads Kernel
Bramleys Seedling
Browns Apple
Calville Blanc
Ellis Bitter
Geneva Crab
Hudsons Golden Gem
Kingston Black
Newtown Pippin
NY 35 (Bonkers)
Reine de Pommes