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As you pull up to Camps Road Farm, your attention will immediately be grabbed by a series of 20-foot posts, spanning an acre and a half of land.  On closer inspection, you will notice a hash work of wires and ropes, each with a green vine (technically called a “bine”) climbing up high.  An intoxicating aroma fills the senses as you walk through, and you feel lost in a magical garden of grasses, bines, and cones.  Welcome to Camps Road Farm’s hop yard.

Over 1400 plants were gently set in the ground by an amazing volunteer effort of friends and partners.  Hop rhizomes were purchased from a hop yard in upstate New York, to help ensure an easier acclimation to northeastern climate and resistance to native pests and diseases.  We planted hops of six different varieties, each versatile varieties that can be used for bittering or for adding aromatics to Kent Falls Brewing Company’s beers.  While the hop yard was designed mostly to meet the needs of the brewery, we also hope to use hops in some experimental hopped spirits!  Here’s a quick description of each variety:

Brewers Gold – 5.5 – 8% Alpha Acid, primarily used as a bittering hop in lighter styles it also has a higher oil content than many low alpha acid hops increasing its aromatic potential with notes of black currant.

Cascade – 4.5 – 7% Alpha Acid, The classic American Pale Ale hop known for it’s citrus and grapefruit notes with a bit of spiciness to boot.

Centennial – 9.5 – 11.5% Alpha Acid. Another hop along the Cascade lines, but with lighter citrus notes and a greater underlying bitterness, Centennial is versatile and well known for use in many styles, most notably pale ales and IPAs.

Chinook – 12 – 14% Alpha Acid.  Continuing down the American Pale Ale path, Chinook has the greatest of our three “C hop” bittering use, along with additions of piney, herbal notes to create a spicy aroma.

Northern Brewer – 8 – 10% Alpha Acid.  Can be used anywhere in the brewing process, it contributes an herby, peppery, and woody quality to a beer and is suitable for almost any style, but does particularly well when used in many German styles.

Willamette – 4 – 6% Alpha Acid.  Our most aromatic hop, Willamette can still contribute a clean bitterness when used in bulk, but does it’s best work as an aroma addition and creates a beautiful bouquet of peppery, spic notes with a fruity and floral essence.